Step 01

    Initial Strategy Consultation & Homepage Design

    During this one-hour consultation, I will help you decide how many pages to have on your website and how to organize your content. We will also discuss what content you are missing, and what your design preferences are. After the call, I will follow up with a to-do list for you to help you organize the needed content (i.e., logos, bios, etc.) for your website.

    During this stage, I will also launch a "Coming Soon" cover page for you.


    Step 02

    Full Site Design

    Three business days after I receive all content from you, I will send you a fully designed homepage.


    Day 09

    Final Tweaks & Launch

    After you share your feedback and we work to finalize the homepage, I will design the full version of the website, with all page types designed.


    day 11

    Final Site Approval

    After we tweak the full version on the call, I will make remaining changes and get your final approval before launch.


    Day 14

    Website Launch!

    I will share tutorial videos and/or do a live walkthrough, and then launch your site.